The Show Competes in Blind Karaoke: Sad Country Songs Edition

The show competed in another round of Blind Karaoke after a listener left a voicemail suggesting they should sing sad country songs. Jordan Davis was in-studio to help judge the four contenders alongside Bobby Bones and Mike D. The rules are whichever song the wheel lands on the person has to sing it from memory.  

Up first was Morgan. She had to sing George Jones’ “He Stop Loving Her Today.” She only knew the song a little from when Bones sings it around the studio, so she decided to do a spoken-word tribute to how much Bones loves his wife based on the song. She got another spin that landed on “Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain” by Willie Nelson, which she also didn’t know. Eddie sang “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw. Eddie got into his best McGraw vibe while singing the song and got most of the words right but messed up some of the chorus. Davis said since that chorus is iconic and he messed up a few words of it, he must deduct points, but liked his passion.  

Abby sang “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. She knew all the words and Davis thought she gave a fantastic performance. Lunchbox, the returning champion, sang “Drink A Beer” by Luke Bryan. He didn’t know many of the words but gave it his best interpretation and sang with a lot of passion. He even broke into fake tears.  

Morgan came in last place with a score of 3. Lunchbox came in third place with a score of 12. Eddie came in second place with a score of 22. Abby won with a score of 27.  

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