Georgia Man Catches A World Record Fish That's Only 1lb

Fisherman with a fishing rod

Photo: Getty Images

Georgia is known for it's Redbreast Sunfish and one man just caught the biggest ever in the state....maybe the world.

Lester Roberts was throwing lines in the Satilla River near Folkston when he pulled up a beauty of a fish. It's wasn't a massive sized fish like many hope for. It was only 1lb, 12.32oz but that's the biggest ever seen in the state.

The fish measured in at 11 3/8 inches long, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. This is a Georgia record, but is pending a World Record ruling which would a tie. The previous record for Redbreast Sunfish in GA has been held since 1998.

“Georgia waters are producing some great fish right now and news of these records being broken really should give all anglers an extra sense of excitement to get out there and give it a shot,” Chief of Fisheries for the Wildlife Resources Division Scott Robinson told WSB-TV.

I love fishing but I wouldn't have even known to check. I would've been like... "Well, another small one (plop)".

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