Okay What's The Dumbest Thing You've Gotten In An Argument About

"What’s the most ridiculous reason your significant other has gotten really mad at you?"

Some of the responses from a recent reddit thread were: 

"My wife and I were watching a movie and the main guy character reminded her of me a lot – so much so that when the guy cheated on his wife in the movie, she was mad at me."

"My ex had a dream that I cheated on her. Apparently it was very realistic, because when she woke up she shoved me awake and started yelling at me."

"My very pregnant wife was pretty sullen, and when I asked what was wrong she borderline yelled at me, 'The guacamole you bought last week was too spicy!'"

"My boyfriend and I once got into an argument at the grocery store about buying brown rice vs. white rice."

"She didn't speak to me for days because I parked a little crooked in a parking lot (at Target)."

  • So... okay, let’s hear it ... Can you top these?
  • What’s the dumbest thing you have gotten SO mad about? 
Kathi Yeager

Kathi Yeager

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