Man Climbs Devon Tower In Oklahoma City, Streams It On Instragram

Photo: Getty Images

A man climbed the Devon Tower in Oklahoma city on Tuesday, and he streamed it live on Instagram as it was happening.

Oklahoma News 4 reported that the man climbed the tower as an anti-abortion protest. He did not appear to have any climbing gear with him, but he was using chalk.

The man, Maison Des Champs, is no stranger to climbing buildings. He has climbed other skyscrapers in the U.S. before, including the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and the New York Times Building.

He appeared to be climbing a few floors at a time and then stopping to rest. When he reached the top of the tower, officials were waiting for him.

The Devon Tower, located at 333 W Sheridan Avenue, has 50 floors and is the tallest building in Oklahoma. According to meteorologist Emily Sutton, winds near the top of the building are around 35-40 mph.

Check out videos and photos of the man below:

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