Jana Kramer Received A DM Claiming Mike Caussin Cheated Again

Jana Kramer Received A DM Claiming Mike Caussin Cheated Again

Jana Kramer Received A DM Claiming Mike Caussin Cheated Again

Jana Kramer revealed she's still having trust issues with her husband Mike Caussin after receiving a direct message from a woman on Instagram claiming that the former NFL player was cheating again.

In a new episode of their podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, the country singer said she went into "freak-out mode," when she saw the message, especially since it wouldn't have been the first time she found out about Caussin's infidelity on social media.

"The reason why it caught me off guard was because the very first time I found out Mike cheated on me was through a DM," Kramer said during the episode. "I think — I told my therapist this — I almost have this weird PTSD where I go through my DMs, almost looking to see if the truth is gonna prevail in the DM again. I have this fear when I go through my DMs. … It just said, ‘Mike cheated again, I’m sorry.’ And I looked at the person’s profile, it had zero followers, so it’s like they just made this account. So, I reached out."

During the episode, Kramer went on to share that she started messaging the girl who claimed her friend had been having unprotected sex with Caussin, however, she didn't have proof.

"The really sucky thing about it is that my default can’t go to ‘There’s no way.’ That’s where it hurts the most, where I can’t just go, ‘I trust him 1000%. He would never do that. I think that’s where it stung," she explained. "I started DMing this person. They’re telling me things that maybe, could make sense or maybe, could be wrong. She said a few things about his hometown and I’m like, OK, they could just look that up on the internet. She said something about, ‘He’s got a secret device,’ which has always been a fear of mine, that maybe he has some secret device that he talks to other people on."

Kramer waited a few days before she confronted her husband, revealing that she first "searched the freakin' house" and then spoke to her therapist.

"I’m like, 'I don’t want to be looking under the bed or going through his drawers trying to find this secret device. Who knows if it’s even real?’ Like, how do I deal with this? We’re coming off a high, and now this? But I can’t ignore it completely because of our history," the 'I Got The Boy' singer shared. "There’s not enough stuff in the bank to trust his word 1000 percent, because of the stuff last year and that sucks. So I’m just kind of, like, stuck."

Caussin noticed something was wrong with Kramer but wasn't sure exactly what he could do expect wait for her to come to him when she was ready.

"I can’t get frustrated because she’s not talking to me so I was like, 'OK, I have to do my work now and not be codependent and try to take on her feelings.' I just had to walk away and sit with it," he shared. "Once she finally told me last night, it crushed me because it sucks... It sucks that she can’t default to trusting me. It sucks that I’ve done what I’ve done in the past to create that in a relationship right now. My hope is that years down the line, if something like this happened again, she'd be able to bring it to me and we’d almost be able to, like, laugh about it because there is that much trust in the bank. But I didn’t fault her at all for questioning me for still trying to figure these things out. When she told me she searched the house, it’s just, like, my heart sank because I just felt so bad for my wife to have to feel these things and it’s a direct correlation to things I’ve done in the past."

Kramer said the person who reached out to her has since deleted their account and that she hopes she can eventually fully trust her husband. "It's not on me to be detective or control [the situation]," she added. "It's now in God's hands, where the truth will show eventually [either way]."

Taken a listen to the full episode below.

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