Clog Buff's Blog for Luke Bryan Tickets!!!!

Here's ANOTHER chance at more Twister Tickets to see LUKE BRYAN!!! But how do you Clog Buff's Blog? First CLICK YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA ICON and SHARE THIS BLOG!!! Then... be the last person to comment below before Scratchy Stops the contest... He will tell you THIS CONTEST IS OVER!!! and the person who was the last to comment will be going to see Luke Bryan's Farm Tour 2019 This Saturday in Norman with 101.9 The Twister!!! (make sure you follow facebooks rules for posting so you don't get blocked)

Big Congrats to Cassie Booth... We will have MORE Tickets to go!!! Keep Cloggin'!!!

And Josh won some tickets...

And Now Jennea Is going to see LUKE BRYAN!!!


YAY!!! Catrina is going to see Luke Bryan too!!!! Should we keep going? Hit up the comment section!!!

Debra Just won a pair of tickets!!! You still have another chance to win!!! KEEP CLOGGIN'!!!

WOW!!! We just gave away a BUNCH of Twister Tickets this week!!! Congrats Michael, who is taking hiis wife of 10 YEARS to the show!!! If you want to win tickets, Kathi is going to be at Burlington In Moore from 4-6 pm TODAY with your LAST CHANCE TO WIN!!!

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