Donna Got Her Cast Off!!! But Wait...

Donna was SOOOOOO Excited!!! Today is the day she gets her cast taken off... Take a look at the smile on her face:

If you have never broken a bone, this is one of the best days of your life!!! So they took X-Rays and Dr. Unsell came in to let us know there was still some healing to do. He asked if he could trust her to take very good care of her thumb. If there is a CHANCE that something will damage the work that has been done, it will be harder for it to heal. I asked if she was allowed to go back to the gym for conditioning and he said she could, but nothing with her hands or arms. I said: "Right so no jumping or anything other than conditioning. I think that may have changed his mind, because after he left, the tech came back in:

He asked what color cast she wanted for the next 2 weeks, Pink or Purple?

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