Logan Paul's New Suicide Prevention Video...

You know the story of Logan Paul... His popularity on YouTube was cut short when he made inappropriate comments upon seeing a suicide victim in one of his VLogs.  He was ripped viciously in the media with no accounting for his young age.  I realize that at 22, one is a legal adult.  But, can you expect someone in their early 20's to have the maturity of someone that is 40?

Most of us are adults who have raised children or are about to.  Many of us who are adults, fully in our identities did not have access to world wide web fame in the 80's, 90's and 2000's as children.  Consider the foolish, irresponsible things that we may have put on our social pages not thinking of the repercussions of our VLogs?

Based on this video, do you think at 22 years old, this kid has been taught a lesson in compassion that would typically come in one's 30's? 



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