Perfect Mother's Day With The Buff Gang!!!

Yesterday, I asked Donna if she would like to go with me to the Twister Pre-Party for Tim & Faith... and the real reason was so we could get out for a couple of hours prior and get some last minute presents!  We got her some good stuff that she loved and made it to the event too!

 So This morning, the girls got up and we made breakfast for Lizeth and delivered in bed!  I am so proud of the girls working together to make Mother's Day a success! (Donna's recipes: chop strawberries and put them inside the croissants, and Fried Bananas w/ sugar free Maple syrup)

BTW, Lizeth did not give a peep about anything she wanted for Mother's Day... UNTIL, I was onsite with the Twister Pre Party for Tim & Faith Last night.  Of course that was going to be too late to get to the mall and pick up the Perfume that she texted me about.  We wrapped the strike around 8:40, and we were racing to get to Penn Square Mall to find the perfume. It was 8:55 and I thought I would call ahead just to make sure we would get there in time. Cheryl at the fragrances counter answered the phone and told me they would be open till 11 because of their sale.  A sigh of relief came out of Donna & my mouth!  So we went to Macy's and she even gift wrapped it for us! And we told Lizeth that we didn't make it by 9, (which we didn't)... But when she saw the present that she really wanted... You can see, Mama was VERY Happy!

Now to make our Mother's Day complete, We are off to the mall to return the presents that Daddy didn't get right... (it's a ritual)



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