Lizeth & I Celebrated Our 15th Anniversary!!!

It all started when I was visiting Lexington from Cincinnati to watch These 2 get married:

The Mianos are my second family and Chris was getting ready to marry Dorothy... He called and asked me if I would like to come to the wedding.  I said "Of course!" so they reserved a room at the hotel where they were staying...Then, I saw her...

All weekend, I was smiling at her, trying to get her attention by saying this and that to her... by the end of the weekend, I was checking out of the hotel and saw her standing there... so I walked up and said: "A friend of mine just moved here.  And I thought you might like to go to dinner with us sometime?" Her response... "Huh?" (Lizeth didn't speak a word of english at the time).  So her coworker Carla said: "Oh, She don't talk no english..." I said, "Oh well, it was worth a try..." and started to walk off.  Then Carla yelled at me: "Hey Wait! I can translate fer ya!!!" She went on: "Lizeth honey, HEEEEEEEE WAAAAAANTS TOOOOO DAAAAAATE YOOOOOOUUUU.... DOOOOO YOOOOUUUU WAAAAAANNNT TOOOOO DAAAAAATE HIIIIIIM"

Lizeth said: "Si!" So it was official! She wouldn't give me her number, so I gave her mine thinking..."I will never get a call from her..."

Monday, I was telling my buddies about her. Tuesday... No call. Wednesday... No call. So I gave up.

Then on Thursday, She called!  She said: "Hi Craig, I am Lizeth.  I meet you other day in hotel."  I said: "YES! I remember... how are you?" she answered: "You coming Lexington this weekend?"  I said, "No, Next weekend.  My friends are on their honeymoon this weekend." Lizeth said: "Oh, Ok.  You coming Lexington this weekend?" I said again, "No, THIS weekend, no... NEEEXt weekend, I will come down. Is that okay?" She said, "Oh, OK, This weekend, you coming Lexington?" So I said, "Yes, This weekend, I am coming to Lexington..." and we started dating!

We had all sorts of fun, driving around with a Spanish Dictionary and learning each other's words... doing things that I hadn't done in years... Like horseback riding... 

And we would always look at the 3 stars in Orions Belt before we would kiss goodnight.  

We went to our share of restaurants in Lexington as well:

Then her visa was up and she had to go back to Mexico.  So I thought, I will drive with them back to mexico for Christmas... I was planning on asking her to marry me at some point on the way... It ended up happening the night we got to Mexico... 

We went to the beach to eat that night and as we were walking, I said to her: "You know, there is something else you can tell your grandkids about those 3 stars in Orion's Belt..." She looked up at the sky and said, "What?"

I pulled out a ring and said: "They are the last thing you saw before I asked you to marry me..."  She looked at me in shock and said: "NO NO NO NO NO no...."  I said: "No?" And she said: "I mean Si!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!" Then we were married in Mexico on April 13th!

So here we are 15 years later!  Since then, we have lived a LOT of life together!  First, I dragged her from Mexico to Cincinnati Ohio.  Then after we got settled there, and she was comfortable speaking English and had made friends... I told her, "We are moving to Oklahoma!"  So we set out to come back home!  We have started raising 2 girls, Donna and Ashley!  So where did we go for our Anniversary?  I planned on the girls getting to spend the night with friends. And I took her to Broken Bow so we could have an evening alone... I found a beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere...

And of course we went out to get a bite to eat...

We split a Steak that was longer than my forearm...

We had a great weekend... and I got a kiss out of the deal!

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