Can't Sleep? Check Out These Hacks To Fall Asleep FAST!

Can’t sleep? According to the experts at mattress company Beautyrest, there is one sure-fire trick that will make you fall asleep fast. Instead of tossing and turning and trying to figure out how many hours you have left before you have to wake up, just close your eyes and visualize your childhood home. Take yourself through the hallways, into each room, think about the pictures on the wall. Pretty soon you’ll be snoozing. Why does this work? It distracts you. When you get your mind off everything but that bedspread you had in your room in the fifth grade, you’ll be asleep in no time. 

What you do: To get snoozing in no time, just close your eyes and try to visualize the details of your childhood home. Walk the hallways. Go in and out of each room. Picture the photos hanging on every wall and the details of that Laura Ashley comforter you had for at least a decade. The next thing you know, the birds are chirping, the sun is streaming in and, hallelujah, you just logged a solid six hours of zzz’s.

Why this works: Distraction, man. For every minute you’re focused on that awkward seventh-grade photo that your mom just has to keep on the gallery wall, it’s one less minute you’re stressing about what happened at work that day.

Sweet dreams.

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Here's something else I found online.. About a minute or so in, for the hacks!


What do I do?  Personally, I give my thoughts over to God.  I pray the Jesus Prayer!

The classical form of the Jesus Prayer is,

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

The actual words of our short prayers can vary. We might say the classic version of the Jesus Prayer, or we might say, "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me." We may say, "Lord Jesus, have mercy." Or, we might say a Psalm verse, or a Bible quote, or some other prayer.

Monks of old said, "Lord, make haste to help me. Lord, make speed to save me," all day long.

The history of the Jesus Prayer goes back, as far as we know, to the early sixth century, with Diadochos, who taught that repetition of the prayer leads to inner stillness. Even earlier John Cassian recommended this type of prayer. In the fourth century Egypt, in Nitria, short "arrow" prayers were practiced.

Abba Macarius of Egypt said there is no need to waste time with words. It is enough to hold out your hands and say, "Lord, according to your desire and your wisdom, have mercy." If pressed in the struggle, say, "Lord, save me!" or say, "Lord." He knows what is best for us, and will have mercy upon us.  Works for me ❤️🙏🏽☦️

Kathi Yeager

Kathi Yeager

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