Thank The Lord! The Boys Have Been Rescued!


This heroic story has thankfully ended well, and for so many, it brings back to mind a time when we had fewer channels on TV...  In 1987 the world was transfixed to the rescue of "Baby Jessica" in Midland, Texas, in the same way! 

18 month old Jessica McClure fell into an 8 inch water well pipe in her grandmothers backyard, becoming trapped. It took rescuers 58 HOURS to bore an adjacent hole down to the depth of 22 feet so as to then tunnel horizontally to meet the water well bore Jessica was trapped in. Due to rocky conditions, the boring took much longer than expected. During this time what has been described as a media circus enveloped the site, attracting worldwide attention and constant, 24 hour coverage. Which though we are used to that today, was definitely NOT NORMAL at that time.  

This is local live coverage from ABC affiliate KMID TV of the last few minutes of the rescue, on Oct. 16, 1987.  The event drew comments from then president Ronald Reagan and a meeting with vice president George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara. A made-for-tv movie was made starring Patti Duke and Beau Bridges. Footage from the rescue was even used in Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror video. Jessica McClure grew up and had a normal childhood with no memories of the event. She married and has two children. She said in a 2017 interview that people who remember the event still call her Baby Jessica. 💕


So... While we're at it, here is "Baby Jessica" now! 


There is just something so powerful about a community, or in these cases, a WORLD gathered in prayer, holding out the hope, no matter how long it takes, to see the innocent rescued!  It reminds us we're all in this together and the world is a lot closer that it seems!  🙏�🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏼

Kathi Yeager

Kathi Yeager

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