Did You Know More Americans Say They Would Rather Sleep Solo?

I absolutely love my hubby, but had to laugh when I read this study in Women's Health! Question.... Would you rather sleep solo? According to this survey from Alarm Clock App Sleep Cycle, 41 percent of Americans prefer sleeping alone to sleeping with their partner. Why? (Bet I don't even have to tell you)....Snoring is the top culprit. 52 percent of respondents said their partner's snoring is loud enough to wake them up!  LOL. Can you relate?!  Other issues besides snoring that came up in the study were temperature issues, hogging the covers, taking up too much space in the bed, and people needing sound machines or some kind of light on. 

I do like to keep our room like a meat locker and cover up with big cozy blankets, so now I'm wondering how my hubby would answer!  Ha Ha. Truthfully though, I don't sleep well if he's not there. You get used to someone after a while, huh?  

What about you?  Does snoring or another nighttime issue keep you awake?  Is it enough for you to consider separate beds? 

Apparently one hilarious lady had enough of the snoring, to create a HILARIOUS video....


What would you call that?  "Desnorito?!"  😂😜

Kathi Yeager

Kathi Yeager

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