Brian Kelley Hits The Road As A 'Beach Cowboy' In New Music Video

Brian Kelley channels his “Beach Cowboy” persona in a new music video.

After marking the release of his new extended play BK’s Wave Pack earlier this week, the Florida Georgia Line superstar unveiled the visual for his single “Beach Cowboy.” Directed by Ben Christensen, Kelley’s three-minute music video for his homegrown song opens to the sights of scenic beaches and dunes being blown by the warm breeze, while elsewhere, Kelley can be seen biking around town and grabbing a Margarita at the bar before settling down on the shore before the sun goes down.

Over the funky, midtempo twangy production, Kelley croons: “Yeah, they call me beach cowboy / Sand cruiser flat tire turquoise / Got shark tooth on my Bolo / Saddle up, paddle up now, yolo / Yippee-yo-ki-yay, it's your boy BK / Going John Wayne on these waves.”

BK’s Wave Pack is Kelley’s first solo venture outside of FGL. In March, he detailed inking a new partnership with Warner Music Nashville on his solo endeavor, Nashville South Records, Inc., which, per his statement to Billboard, will release his upcoming debut studio album later this year.

“I feel so humbled by the support I’ve received from this project. The friends that helped bring this project to life, these songs have become our songs,” Kelley shared of his new EP to American Songwriter. “Together, we are living them out down here; this isn’t a fantasy. Our process was really creative, but we never forced it. We did what felt right, working from our gut. That’s extremely important to create a vibe that’s authentic and real.”

Photo: Getty