First Off, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that texted and put their well wishes down on Facebook Last night... Ashley started out with a bit of pain in her belly yesterday afternoon.  Our neighbor Jeremy, who is a doctor, came over and looked at Ashley and found that she had a pain in the middle and side of her stomach, which worried him that it was appendicitis... he tapped her foot and had her jump on 1 leg which also signs that she could have appendicitis. So he said to take her to Children's Hospital (they do an ultrasound which has less radiation).

So the doctors there were all so kind.  Ashley was telling each of the doctors how her belly hurt and she hadn't gone potty since that morning... and they were all touching her tummy.

They took her into get x-rays, then they took her in for the ultrasound.  Ashley was very calm through the whole process.  And at some points was even joking with the nurses and doctors... (the tech running the Ultrasound even gave her a pair of gloves!)

But finally, the doctor came in and gave us the great news that there was no appendicitis detected!!!  She gave us a prescription for some stool medicine and sent us home!  Thank you to everyone who shared a prayer!!!