Wow, time flies... Seems like we were just celebrating Christmas.. New Year's Day and now, Valentine's is sneaking up on us.  Has your guy mentioned anything yet?

Chances are unless you've got the guy who's "Love Language" is ROMANCE, he hasn't. I personaly love my hubby's sentimental side. He's great about making plans for a fun night out fo us to connect, but I do remember a time when we were just dating.  Especially early in the relationship when I'm sure he was afraid to look "too anxious!"  

Gosh I can remember being a little edgy thinking, "maybe he has other plans" or "he doesn't want to mislead me and focus too much on that BIG DAY!"  My mind went in several different directions only to find out he was just as antsy as I was about making it too much of a big deal too soon.

What about you?  How do you find out if it's time to get that new fabulous dress for the H-O-T night out? Do you purchase a little something just in case? Do you buy him a gift? Is it awkward if he doesn't?

For us old married folks (lol) the one thing I've heard lately is how important those of us who've been together a while need to make the effort not to allow it to become just about the kids or worse pass by as just another day.  Marriage has enough working against it in today's world!  Maybe a small token of love...  A sexy text.. (not crude, just romantic and flirty)...  Home cooked meal with candle light and the works...(of course for me, that requires finding someone to watch the kids, so probably will be my excuse not to ;0))... Or this suggestion I heard from one of those relationship guru's... Forget the Peck!  Yep, those quick kisses at the beginning or end of the day, lack passion.  Make his knees weak!  Maybe that alone can be something that reminds him HE IS YOUR VALENTINE and you couldn't be more happy!

Finally, if you dread this day, know YOU AREN'T ALONE!  Every year we hear from folks that feel too much pressure to not be alone on this day.  In my single days, I often made this my "Jane Austen Movie Night time" watching the chick flicks guys hate!  Whether with gal pals or alone with my pups and a big bag of salty popcorn with Milk Duds in it (don't knock it till you try it)..  I wouldn't let it go by without making it special on my own terms.

What about you... How do you make it a Valentine's to remember? (Photo: Kathi Yeager/KTST)