Sent my oldest off to camp again this year.  Never gets easier to see their precious faces drive off with all the hope and promise of exciting summer dreams, all while you know you will worry for them every minute they are away from you.  

I understand from some of you, the pain lessens as the child gets older, in some cases, the rejoicing begins, as you celebrate quality one on one time with the spouse you can barely remember the last "date" you had... Am I right?  

Well the one thing that seems most relatable from the whole camp experience are the great camp memories we've each had!  Doesn't matter what age or generation, they are all incredible, often adventurous and most definitely memorable! 

Share your best camp story here!  

And for a great camp flashback for the old schoolers, one of the greatest camp movies of all time.  "Meatballs!"

Here's one of the first times actor Bill Murray gives the motivating, inspiring, goose bump moments he became known for in movies!  Still love it to this day and when someone says "It Doesn't Matter" often I start chanting this...


See if you remember this one