It takes a strong a mother to stay positive for her children in the face of adversity, but that's exactly what Wanda Pratt, mom of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, did for her son.

Often parents today think of themselves first.  That's what society teaches now.  Unlike the self sacrifice of the earlier generations, parents today are instructed to take the "airplane example" and put the mask on ourselves before we put it on our kids.  Though the theory is a good one... Make sure you are okay, so that you can be okay to protect your kids. This generation has taken that a bit further, actually putting themselves first before their family as a whole, more often than not!  "I deserve time away with the girls, I've never had that.  Sorry I've missed your recital again Sally.  Sorry I can't make your playoff's Junior!" 

So what lasting legacy will we leave our children.  What will they say about us at their MVP speech? ;)

What an amazing example Wanda Pratt is! I pray we are inspired!  Share your inspiring Mother's Day Stories Here!

Happy Mother's Day!