I cannot tell you how excited I get every year to be a part of The Twister Radiothon for St. Jude with you!  You and hundreds of Twister Artists and Patient Families.. All teaming up to bless the lives of children around the world! Not to mention help to get us a little closer to finding a cure for childhood cancers!

Start talking with your family, praying about and realizing the amazing potential you have to make a difference in the life of a child and become a Partner In Hope!  It's fast, easy and you will even receive amazing Twister incentives when you do!

I never realized how quickly our world would change when we knew our child was sick!  Thankfully we haven't had the journey so many other families have, but I can say, I would want St. Jude to be there for my child if it had!  No one every pays one dime to St. Jude... Ever!  Thanks to amazing Partner's In Hope like you! 

Plus St. Jude Shares their research to any and all hospitals that need their protocols!  Even right here in our own great city!  There are Nobel Winners and Great Scientists that come from around the world to St. Jude and we can all be blessed by their great work! 

Please join us in making a difference!  And on a side note, please pray for me as I am on the air the next two days!  This has been an extremely difficult year as we naviagate many changes in my family, inspired by our own children.  I pray I can articulate the miraculous although sometimes heartbreaking stories of the patients who have been touched by the work of St. Jude without being a complete blundering fool!  I choke up every year, but this will be the most difficult year for me yet, since so much of our stories will be hitting so close to home! 

Thank you in advance for Partnering with us!