Back To School is an exciting and very expensive time!  Running store to store, almost as if we are hunting wild game!  Truthfully it often can be much like solving a math equation. Finding the correct amount of crayons that are the standard size and the trapper keeper that holds up to 7 plastic pocket folders, rather than the one that holds only 5!  Whew!  It's almost like you teachers like to test us parents to see how well we can reason out those "math problems."  ;0)  


Actually, I was speaking with some other moms on our wild supply hunt and we equated this crazy dash from store to store, to checking off each difficult to find item on our lists, like CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!  Soon, we'll be meeting in parking lots and dark alleys late at night, paying hundreds for the wide ruled notebook paper that comes in the 100 pack!  LOL  


So just like we do here every Christmas, thought it can help to throw out our hard to find items, for other Twister listeners to share where they may have found that item.  

I have found in my over 10 years at the Twister, there is no better resource for info than the people that listen to this station!  So let's give it a go! 

If you see a hard to find item you've already found, please share here where you found it!  

Here is a pic of my latest haul!  For the FIRST TIME I will now have ALL THREE in school and have to find items for 3 kids (and of course all of their classmates cuz now a days we buy for the whole school!  ha ha)  Here's what I have so far....  


So what do you need help finding?