Seems Carrie has a backstory on the song "Last Name." I had no idea... Here's what she said: "Before I met my beautiful, wonderful, perfect hockey husband [Nashville Predator Mike Fisher], I had met this guy. I got together with [songwriters] Hillary Lindsey and Luke Laird to write, and we were goofing around like we always do. I was telling them about this guy I met. They asked who he was, and I said, 'Y'all! I don't even know his last name!'" Then she said: "We hadn't even dated or anything and it didn't turn out the way this song did, but I said, 'We need to turn this mess into a song!' And this is it."


It's hard to even picture Carrie Underwood in that kind of a dating situation, not only because she is so happily married, but because she is so private. Maybe her songs reveal a bit more about the beautiful songstress than meets the eye! ;)

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