"No I don't want to!"  Not just something you hear from the little ones.  Listen closely to what we are saying, sometimes with out even uttering one word...  

Certainly you've had that feeling...  Who hasn't?! My husband and I were talking last night after I returned from a meeting at church… And as late as it was, there were just a few more things to get done before bed, to prepare for the next day. So it got us talking about that sluggish feeling of "I just don't want to! … I don't feel like it… There's no way I could possibly do it…" Feelings that people get from time to time. It became like a challenge to us, to find out who had the bigger, better idea on how to power-through the feeding feelings like that. We both ultimately surmised it's all about MAKING THE DECISION TO JUST DO IT! Remember the the old Nike slogan years ago everybody was saying "just do it" right? What changed? The long list of challenges? Or just being tired and bitter from having to just do it so dang much?!  Regardless, what if we don't do it? I've had a few of those days where it didn't do what I needed to do and it seemed too much just piled up on me and it became way much more overwhelming because I didn't!

I saw a really amazing thing on the way to work this morning… Some may have see my tweets at the butt crack of dawn… For some reason, seeing five beautiful deer crossed my path, in a very determined march across the Broadway Extension. I could tell there was a mission there and it inspired me for some weird reason! And based on the conversation from my hubby and I had the night before, it just felt like it was continued motivation to always push forward, take the risk and just do it,  to take life to the next level… Cuz isn't that's really what it's all about?  

The next time maybe you get that feeling like, "I don't want to get up for work ore even out of my cozy bed," or "I don't want to get on that treadmill," or "I don't want to put down that Twinkie!" lol or deeper feelings… "I don't want to pray today" or "I don't feel love my husband/wife today because they're in idiot," (you know it happens) or "I don't want to work for my boss because he is too busy just taking care of himself and has forgotten all about us", Oh and this one... "I want to serve my country but my government appears to only serve themselves, so why bother!" Just think where would we be if the people in our past dealt with relationships or our country like that? I'm just grateful we don't have to find that out! It had to be a pretty scary thing for this mama deer to take her babies across an incredibly busy interstate to feed them, but she knew she had to and just did it!