I don't know about you, but I love to lip-sync!  Yep do it all the time here on the mic, with the Twister cranked up in our studio!  Mainly... because I can't sing worth a lick!

My daughter is an amazing singer, so it really makes my kids laugh to hear me sing.  They have no idea how one could actually sound so naturally "off key!"  Those of you who have come to our Okie Kareoke each year at the State Fair, know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, as I am Buff's favorite time filler.  No one entertains a crowd more than someone who loves to sing... LOUDLY... Who doesn't actually realize just how bad she sounds. (NAMELY ME!)  ha ha

But watch as Jimmy Fallin takes on actress Emma Stone in this epic lip-sync battle... I'm telling you, one just has to have the facial expressions that are so passionate and so convincing to pull off the best lip-sync performance ever!  Kinda like this:


See, I've got that down! What did you think? It's all in the face, huh?! ;)