The one major difference I have found not getting up as early to come to work, since Bobby has taken over our Twister Morning Show is that I have become a bit of a Night Owl!  Of course when you are married and have 3 kids, that probably means something a little less uh... colorful, but... still lively all the same! :)

The older my kids are getting, the more involved in church, school, friends and other activites they've become.  So if I get any downtime or TV time, it's usually after all my "chores" are finished, after they've all gone to bed. 

It started with something to do while folding the laundry... Finding random movies I've either heard about but never had a chance to watch or completely random "B" movies that are darn good, but for some reason never got that successful!

I like all kinds of movies, though I confess my fav's are definitely of the romantic/comedy genre.  Like this little beauty I ran across just last night:



Cute, huh? So what about you? Share your "random" favorites and we'll launch this Late Night Movie Club!