I bet some of you know the look well... Up all night, with a sick kiddo! My head is spinning, but must stay vigalent!  

This is what came to mind overnight when it began.... Go in like :50 seconds...  Remember this scene? (Less the gun holster and bare bottom!) 

Yep!  Welcome to our day!  LOL  The pediatrician says give heavy syrup from a can of fruit cocktail EVERY 10 minutes for 2 hours!  Then clear liquids after that! Anyone else tried that?  

Do you have any home remedies when this bug sneaks into your home?  

Well thanks for letting me share!  Hope your day is WAY BETTER!  ;)  

Thanks for sending your prayers and suggestions our way today! Hope it moves through quickly! Nothing worse than seening your kiddos feeling bad, huh?!