Congratulations to Monday's "Rio 2" winner Suzanne Smith

Everytime I see a new movie trailer for this exciting new family flick, I am even more excited to take my family, when it hits theaters Friday!

I'd love to GIVE YOU your tickets from the Twister...  So let's do it again!

Just like Suzanne did yesterday, comment below, like both the Kathi Yeager & The Twister OKC pages and then... Share Share Share!

"Hey Friends! Like the Kathi Yeager & The Twister OKC pages today, for a chance to win tickets to see the new 'Rio 2' with your family & hopefully mine! #LikeAndShareToWin#KathiYeager#TheTwister#Rio2.  

And for more exciting "Rio 2" fun, click here!


RIO 2 is only in theaters April 11