(Kathi Yeager / KTST)

You always hear it...  Regular date nights with your spouse can lead to a happier, healthier marriage! Everyone also knows that a regular date night can be down right expensive, and in that case, add stress to the marriage! So how do you do it? Date nights are important for alone time, time to talk, and just the chance to unwind and have fun with the person you fell in love with so long ago. In my case, we spend atleast the first 10 minutes talking about the kids or sorting our who will take which one where and when. 

I constantly use the excuse of money and no child care and end up just watching a movie, dressed in sweats, sharing a bowl of popcorn with my guy, in our own house after we put the kids to bed!  Yep, really special, huh?

But here are some ideas we've gotten from some of you on ways to make a regular date night to connect, not break the bank! (Some are cheezy but love the creativity I will say)...

Play board games, chess or backgamon

Buy a cheap canvases and paint portraits of each other

Build a fort out of sheets just like you did as kids

Bake cookies

Do a puzzle together

Visit the art museum on their free day

Go to an improv comedy show on a 2 for 1 night 

Visit an aquarium

Go to a local high school sporting event

Visit the Zoo

Ride go-carts at a raceway

Oh and this may be my fav...Set up a tent in the backyard and order takeout
Tongue out

Oh man, and there are SO MANY MORE!  Just carve out an hour that you and your sweetheart can spend together to accomplish some of these fun tasks. You will be glad you did! Just remember to relax, have fun, and the rest will come naturally!

Let us know what your favorite Date Night Activities Are?! 

..And Go!