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However I wanted to plug my weekend show "News Studio B" on NewsRadio 1000 KTOK with host Rick Roberts, Calvin Wright & Tom Miller.  It airs Sunday's at 6:30pm. 

One place we're going this weekend is this "new" discussion regarding the Benghazi Hearings.  Just when you think you've heard it all... Again, Rep. Gowdy comes in and kicks some media a**!  For simply not doing the job they have special privileges for... "OVERSIGHT!"  Regardless of what you feel on this topic, you have to admit the media is no longer the bastion of unbiased story-telling they once were! And Rep. Gowdy gets right to the heart of the matter and turns the questions on them!  I'm sure there were some jaws dropped in this room when this happened...   Just watch!



Well putting this guy in charge may be one of the few things House Speaker John Boehner has done right lately, huh?! What do you think?