Love waking up to our pond in the spring!  It blooms so well.

 And it's always fun to find a new little friend. Currently, we have THREE new little Koi!




The kids love to name them.  However, we seem to have come to an impasse. They named the first one we saw, which is solid silver in color, "Flash."

Then we saw the one that is sliver with a little orange and black trim. So sleek looking.  They named him "Zap!"  The third is another super shiny sliver fish.  Branick (the baby) is um how shall I say, my ornery one.  LOL  All he could come up with was "Poopie!"  Which, between you and me, I was NOT a fan of.  But was willing to refer to the little fish friend as "poopsy" or "Mr. P" or something like that... but now, all three kids have vetoed the name entirely.

They came up with the idea to have YOU name the fishy! So let 'er rip.  Can you please suggest the fish names you...  Or maybe you can ask your kids...  the names they love...