We are so proud to offer you something we just launched that is a lifesaver!

Our Total Traffic + Weather Network is proud to unveil its all new "Total Traffic" mobile app!  Now, when you want the best traffic information & can't get to your radio to hear live traffic reports, you can access our network of traffic information wherever you are.


This app, in a very short time already has rocketed into the Top 10 of all navigation apps in the iTunes App Store.  It's proof once again, we have the uncommon position of banding all our fabulous resources together to give you yet another powerful tool, to help you on your way!  It is our privilege and our pleasure to be the first place U-turn for music + entertainment as well the most up-to-date news and traffic info!


The Total Traffic mobile app is available in both the iTunes and Android app stores, so please download it now and check it out for yourself.  It features real-time traffic maps, an extensive traffic camera network, 24/7 speed, accident, & construction coverage, unmatched traffic detail with just a tap of the map, and GPS integration for hands-free operation.  Total Traffic offers its uniquely powerful yet easy to use service in more than 75 metropolitan areas across the United States. 


Please check it out today.