Hate to hear about anyone stepping into the pain of divorce, but always just a little suprised when it's one of our country couples.  Maybe I just assume because of their down home American values and often better drive for putting in the extra work, that they are more secure.  But life is life and you just never know what's happening behind someone else's closed doors, do ya?! 

Sadly behind Randy Houser and wife Jessa Lee Yantz's doors, things are getting tough!  They are reported to be heading toward divorce. TMZ says the couple filed in March.  Here's the really painful part, the couple have been married since September 2011 and have a 2 year old son together. Our prayers for the family.

Back to happier times...  Houser's music seemed to not only make us move, check out another pint size fan, that seems to really love his music!

Wow, talented kid!  If Randy ever needs an "understudy" he may want to look this little guy up!