I am taking my boys for their regular cleaning at the dentists' office today.  This often requires some pretty creative coercing... (aka "bribing!)  Notice the child hiding under a waiting room chair!



But just read this and think it could be promising... Weird! But promising.  See what you think:

A team of scientists claims they’ve developed a technique that allows cavities to heal themselves.

That means no more drilling and no more filling.

Instead, a tiny electric current pushes minerals into the damaged part of the tooth, as if the cavity was filling itself.

This new technology could be available within three years –and is expected to cost about the same as the current drilling and filling method. (Newser)

I don't know about you, but that sure takes some of the anxiety away.  

So Let Me Ask..  

Are you very, very afraid of dentists? Is your fear extreme enough to keep you away? When was the last time you were actually at the dentist?