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One of my closest friends lost everything she had at the age of 50. Her husband left her (after 22 years of marriage). The company she had worked for (for almost 20 years) had major layoffs (and she was one of them). She was trying to find a new career, in a devastated economy, at 50, and found it to be extremely difficult. She was forced to file for bankruptcy. She lost her house. She had to sell her car to pay bills...and was driving a friend's borrowed car to look f...or work...her life was broken down completely...

That was 10 years ago. Today, she has rebuilt her life so much to a point that she's a millionaire. She has an incredible career, a beautiful home, 2 gorgeous cars (and a yacht) and is dating an incredible new man...and she looks like a new woman.

When I asked her how she did it...this is what she said:

My life started to fall apart and I realized that everyone around me was allowing me to fall apart with it, so I did. I took advantage of the wrecked ship and jumped on board screaming "poor me" the entire time. And then, right before the ship sank completely, I realized that no one was going to save me, but me.

So I took the last of the energy that I had, and I changed my attitude. I thanked God that I had the legs to swim, the mind to find the shore, the arm strength to get me there...

I changed my life simply by changing my attitude about my life. I started saying "thank you", every single day, for everything in my life that I still had left, and before I knew it my "thank you" pile started growing bigger and bigger.

People think it's a miracle and say "God gave me a 2nd chance". That's not true...I'm not special. God gives us all 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 100 chances...it's OUR responsibility to recognize them, be grateful for them and take advantage of them.

It is Gods good pleasure to give us the life we desire. It is OUR responsibility however to be faithful in our beliefs that it is ours for the taking! At the end of the day I realized I had two choices. Ten years from the point I lost everything I could be 60 years old and poor, telling people the story about how I lost it all...and get them all to feel sorry for me. OR I could be 60 years old and rich and tell people the story about how I found myself again and got my life back.

Either way I was going to be 60, no matter what. So I chose the latter of the two! The road less traveled...

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT....gratitude is the catalyst that changes everything! I love the line "you're going to be 60 anyways..." make it worthwhile! Your are NEVER too old to become what you should have been in life!