State Representative Lisa Billy of Lindsay is meeting with officials from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and the general public, for a walking tour of the U.S. 77 bridge between Lexington and Purcell.

The John C. Nance Memorial Bridge has been closed for repairs since January 31st, causing some big problems for area residents who must drive miles out of the way to get to their destinations.

"I want ODOT to see real faces of real families this is impacting," Billy told KTOK.   

She said while ODOT has had plans in place to build a brand new bridge, it could take eight to ten years to come to fruition. Billy said she's asking ODOT officials to consider moving the plan forward.

"I'd really love to have a new bridge in five years," Billy said. "That may be asking for too much, but I just figure I'm the elected official. If I don't ask, who's going to ask?"

(Rep. Lisa Billy, (R) - Lindsay.)