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Wade Hayes says he's healthy and working on a new album.  The country star, who has battled colon cancer twice over the past three years, tells the first song he wrote for the disc is based on his latest recovery. 

The singer explains that Go Live Your Life is what his oncologist said to him after receiving his test results, which showed he was "clear and cancer free."  Hayes says that message of experiencing and enjoying life is what he's trying to convey in his music, and how he's trying to live each day, because "you never know what's waiting around the corner." 

Hayes adds that it's "painfully obvious" to him that God is "the reason" for his survival, because his diagnosis "was dire."  And he says now that he's "made it through two bouts of cancer," he wants to "show people it can be done."  But while Wade gives the credit to God he also did his part, with diet and lifestyle changes and working with his doctor. 

Hayes is also supporting the efforts of the pharmaceutical company Genentech in raising awareness about colon cancer and the importance of early detection, which significantly improves a person's chances for recovery. 

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