Your favorite stars of "Duck Dynasty" are sharing their favorite holiday memories!

Jase Robertson says it was at Christmas that he learned just how dedicated his father, Phil, was to duck hunting - which he says is one of his favorite holiday memories. He adds that the fire was already out - Phil just walked away from the clean up and repair work that needed to be done. 

Miss Kay says her favorite Christmas memory dates back to her first celebration with Phil once they were back together after a separation.  She admits Phil is "not a gift buyer," but he had a big box for her under the tree that year, which was full of pots and pans.  Kay says it "was wonderful." 

Willie and Korie's memories revolve around their children.  Korie says she'll never forget taking part in a live nativity scene at the mall.  She recalls that she played the part of Mary, and John Luke, who was just a baby at the time, had been picked to portray Jesus.  She says he "did great" and was "so cute," adding that John Luke "was probably the only baby Jesus that was sucking a pacifier." 

Willie says his son Will was born in December, right before Christmas, and that first celebration with their newborn child is his favorite holiday memory. 

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